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Evolve or Perish
Challenging future for coal-based thermal plant equipment manufacturers. (This article is published in The Power Line, June 2017).

Global Manufacturing Summit (Excel, Enhance, Expand) 2016

TATA Strategic Management Group was an exclusive knowledge partner for ‘Global Manufacturing Summit’ organized by The Machinist, a Times Group publication in Gurgaon on 7th December 2016. As a part of the event, Tata Strategic presented a knowledge paper on the ‘Achieving Global Competitiveness – Excel, Enhance, Expand’.

This knowledge paper attempts to provide an overview of global manufacturing, current scenario of the Indian manufacturing sector and highlights several challenges faced by the industry. The paper outlays a three pronged strategy for Indian companies for achieving global competitiveness – Excel in quality, Enhance technology edge and Expand to new geographies. Finally, it lays down imperatives for all the stakeholders that will enable Indian manufacturing to compete on a global scale.

The report can be downloaded from:

Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment Expo 2016

The PVPE Expo 2016 was organized by FICCI concurrently with IndiaChem 2016 in Mumbai on 1-3rd Sep 2016. As the knowledge and strategic partner for the event, TATA Strategic Management Group released a knowledge paper titled ‘Redefining Brand India: Value through Innovation and New Product Development’. The report outlines the actions needed by the Indian industry to break free from its image of a low cost supplier of goods.

The report has highlighted several challenges that the Indian PVPE industry faces in adopting innovation and NPD such as ineffective processes, vendor limitations, and lack of fiscal incentive for R&D and indigenous technology. The report also prescribes that only a collaborative effort by the stake holders: industry, government, industry bodies will help in developing an ecosystem that fosters innovation and NPD in India.

The report can be downloaded from:

Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2015

The Machinist, a Times Group publication had organized ‘Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2015’ at Bangalore on 30th Oct 2015. TATA Strategic Management Group was exclusive knowledge partner for the event. As a part of the event, Tata Strategic presented a knowledge report on the ‘Indian manufacturing sector Vision 2020’.

Manufacturing is being seen as one of the levers to catapult Indian economy into higher orbit. Under the Na­tional manufacturing policy government has set a target to increase manufacturing contribution from current level 15% to 25% of the GDP. This knowledge report highlights the current scenario of the manufacturing sector in India and identify challenges faced by the industry. It describes the Vision 2020 for the sector and attempts to capture key imperatives namely - Development of World class products, Adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and Sustainable growth through green manufacturing to enable Indian manufacturing compete on a global scale.

The report can be downloaded from:

Focus on emerging manufacturing hubs
“Make in Maharashtra” campaign, launched by Maharashtra government, in line with the “Make in India” initiative, talks about thrust on manufacturing sector in Maharashtra. While many initiatives are being proposed, there still remain a few challenges. Looking at emerging manufacturing hubs, instead of only the traditional mature ones, will give the initiative the much needed impetus, say Shripad Ranade, Sr. Principal and Seema Ghosh, Consultant, Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article is published in Project Vendor May 2015).

Indian Pumps & Valves Industry: Time to Go Global
The global economy has started to show signs of recovery. Fresh investments are being planned in the process industry worldwide. Indian pumps and valves manufacturers can thus expect opportunities to grow in the export markets, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and NAFTA regions. But it is essential that they first get their house in order by building robust processes, say Shripad Ranade, Senior Principal, TSMG and Yogesh Shivani, Associate Consultant, TSMG. (This article is published in Chemical Engineering World January 2015).

Valves Conference 2014 : Going Global

Tata Strategic Management Group was the knowledge partner for CII Valve Conference 2014 held on 25th November 2014 in Mumbai. The knowledge report released with the theme “Going Global” provides a view of megatrends and macroeconomic factors, an overview of Indian manufacturing sector, and spells out trends, growth opportunities and challenges faced by the Indian industrial valve industry. Also included is a special section on Tata Strategic’s insights about how industry players can prepare themselves to successfully participate in the global growth in demand for industrial valves.

The report can be downloaded from the following link:

Indian PVPE industry: Gearing up for growth
Time is ripe for Indian-made pumps, valves and process equipment (PVPE) to enjoy a surge of demand both within India and overseas. To capitalize on this opportunity, manufacturers must deploy robust business processes and develop a global mind-set. (This article is published in Chemical Weekly, November 25, 2014).

Industry at Crossroads
Indian pump manufacturers are gearing up for global growth. But it is essential that they get their house in order by building robust processes. (This article is published in The Machinist, November 2014).

Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment Expo 2014

The Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment expo 2014, organised by FICCI, was held from 9th to 11th October in Mumbai. Tata Strategic was the knowledge partner for the event and released an industry report on pump, valve and process equipment industry with theme of “Gearing for Global Growth”. The report was released by Shri B Narayan, Group President (Procurement and Projects), Reliance Industries Limited.

The report takes a holistic view on the macroeconomic conditions, both globally as well as in India, and introduces market potential & changing buying behaviour in end-use sectors to the readers. A brief overview of pumps, valves and process equipment industries is presented in the report. Focus of the report has been kept on presenting views of the industry experts, interviews of few industry stalwarts, key success factors in the global market and Tata Strategic insights. The report provides key imperatives for the industry to prepare for global growth.

The report can be downloaded from:

Costing your way to profits
Discrete manufacturing companies can add significantly to their bottom line by rethinking their product mix, outsourcing, and pricing decisions. (This article is published in The Machinist, July 2014).

Construction equipment industry- Scenario 2020
The economic slowdown has impacted the Indian construction equipment industry over the last two years. However the medium term scenario to 2020 seems positive. A rethink is required to survive and grow in this stagnant market and to satisfy discerning customers. A return to basics i.e listening to customers and differentiating the overall offering will help equipment makers to compete successfully in the next six years to 2020, say Shripad Ranade, Prabhakar Tiwari and Himanshu Singhal of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article is published in Project Vendor, May 2014).

Superior EPC Bid Management
The in-and- out mechanism for successfully implementing an integrated improvement in EPC bid management. (This article is published in Ace Update, March 2014).

Delivering Capacity – Project Delays in Indian Chemical & Petrochemical Sector
Delays and cost overruns in projects create strain on financial resources – which is a huge challenge in today’s business environment. To ensure maximum productivity for financial resources and to achieve the desired competitive advantage, these projects need to be completed on time and within cost, for which a robust project management process infrastructure should be set up before starting a project, say Shripad Ranade and Mittal Shah of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article is published in Chemical Engineering World, November 2013).

Engineering Effectiveness
By recalibrating their engineering strategy EPC companies can create a competitive edge for themselves through savings in costs and time.  (This article is published in Construction Week, September 2013).

Enhancing Revenue at SMEs
During the current slowdown, many small-to- medium scale enterprises in the engineering sector are experiencing under-utilization of capacity, locked-in working capital, inability to recover fixed costs, and declining profit margins. These issues can often be traced to high dependence on a single (or very few) end-use sector(s), key customer(s), or product line(s). In order to overcome these challenges, new business opportunities must be tapped, using existing assets / capacity. To ensure success, specific strategic levers, supported by an information-based approach, should be implemented, say Shripad Ranade, Sayan Sarkar and Vijay Khairnar of Tata Strategic Management Group.  (This article is published in SME World, June 2013).

Engineered-to- Order
Project based manufacturers need to reconfigure manufacturing using structured project management approaches to adhere to customer commitments and budgeted costs.  (This article was published in Manufacturing Today, May 2013 edition).

Poised for Growth
The Planning Commission estimates that about 1 trillion USD will be invested up to FY17 in the infrastructure sector in India. Sectors such as roads, ports, real estate, power generation, irrigation and railways, together will contribute three fourths of the total investment in infrastructure, and could grow at 8 % annually over the next five years. These are key end-use sectors of construction equipment. Hence, construction equipment demand could grow from about 4.9 bn. USD in FY12 to about 9.4 bn. USD by FY17. (This article is published in Project Vendor December 2012 magazine).

Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment Expo 2013

Tata Strategic was the knowledge partner with FICCI in the Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment Expo 2013. Market for pumps, valves and process equipment are highly linked with the trends in key end-use sectors like oil and gas, power generation, waste and water treatment, agriculture and building services. At this juncture of the economy it is imperative to re-look at these markets from end-user's perspective as well as from manufacturers’ perspective. With this objective, Tata Strategic prepared a Strategic Report on Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment which was released at India Chem Gujarat, 2013.

The Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment Expo 2013 report can be downloaded from the following link :

Indian Mining Equipment Industry - Trends and Challenges
Mining Industry in India is going through a tough phase due to several bottlenecks such as lack of finance, environmental issues and land clearances.  This puts the demand of mining equipment in back foot.  However, experts at Tata Strategic Management Group anticipate moderate growth for the sector.(This article is published in Ace Update December 2012 magazine).

Tipping point for mechanisation in India?
The labour market in India has witnessed significant changes recently.  Decreasing availability and increasing cost of labour  have become key challenges in labour intensive sectors such as agriculture, mining, and construction.  These challenges could accelerate the pace of mechanisation in these sectors, benefiting suppliers of mining, construction, and agricultural equipment.  However, only those suppliers who invest in customizing their offerings, operations and go-to market approach will profit from this upcoming surge, say Shripad Ranade and Prabhakar Tiwari of Tata Strategic Management Group.  (This article is published in Built Expression October 2012 magazine).

Integrated Capability Assessment
The Indian pumps industry is in the throes of an uncertain present. But the key to growth, in spite of these tough times, is to provide integrated solutions, write Atish Mukhopadhyaya and Anirudh Reddy.(This article is published in Manufacturing Today May 2012 magazine.)
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Strategic Sourcing – a potential game changer
Procurement has moved from basic transaction based buying to knowledge based sourcing that is driven by strategic objectives. Such a process – strategic sourcing – can deliver significant savings.  Also, by creating a long term cost advantage, it can help a firm weather uncertain economic conditions, says Narendra Kethineni, Principal - Sourcing, Tata Strategic Management Group (This article is published in Manufacturing Today, December 2011).
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Project Excellence – Improving on-time delivery capability
Today, on-time delivery is a critical factor in the project business - since financial opportunity loss for customers is far greater than the penalties they can claim for delays. But ironically, on-time delivery performance stagnates between 40 to 65%. As a result, project companies that can ensure higher ontime delivery, are able to complete more projects in a financial year and command repeat business with better margins say Atish Mukhopadhyaya (Principal – Delivery Excellence), and Raju Bhinge (Chief Executive) of Tata Strategic Management Group.  (This article is published in Manufacturing Today November 2011).
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New rules of the game in the Indian steel market
In the near future, the Indian steel industry is likely to witness increased competition due to a supply glut. Simultaneously, customer needs are becoming more complex as the industry evolves.  Customers will increasingly prefer suppliers who offer customized service, reliability of supply and local processing of steel products. Only those steel suppliers who embrace these new rules of competition will survive and grow in the marketplace, say Shripad Ranade and Achal Saran Pande of Tata Strategic Management Group.. (This article was published in Metal Bulletin Magazine, March 22, 2010).
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More Cash from Trash
Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) finds wide application in developed countries as an alternative to coal to fire cement kilns. Adopting this practice can prove beneficial for both cement & tyre companies in India. While TDF promises to lower fuel cost of cement companies by replacing imported coal, it can create adjacent business opportunities. An organized player can seize this opportunity by putting in place a cost effective supply chain leveraging its current capabilities thereby gaining a crucial first mover’s advantage, say Arindam Chakrabarti, Deepak Nayak and Mainak Bhattacharya of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in the Machinist Magazine, April 2009).
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Balanced Growth: A Strategic Imperative for Indian Cement Industry
The domestic cement manufacturing industry is going through a tumultuous phase. While it is battling profitability woes on one hand, it also has to contend with increasing level of environmental activism that is keenly scrutinizing its various actions and their impact on environment and society. Cement industry needs to proactively engage itself in the three dimensions of profitability; environmental consciousness and social obligations that will earn the industry “the right to grow and the license to operate” opine Arindam Chakrabarti, Deepak Nayak & Mainak Bhattacharya of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in the Construction World Magazine May 2009).
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Only Innovation and New Product Development can drive growth
Tata Strategic Management Group, the management consulting arm of the Tata Group, unveiled a strategic report titled ‘Redefining Brand India:Value through Innovation and New Product Development – A strategic report for the Pumps, Valves & Process Equipment industry’ in collaboration with FICCI. The report was released in the ‘PVPE Expo 2016’, the platform for the Pumps, Valves & Process Equipment companies to showcase their capabilities. (This article was published in Chemical Industry Digest October 27, 2016).

Need to differentiate
Innovation and New Product Development will be the key for Indian Pumps, Valves and Process Equipment companies to break free from the image of being low cost manufacturers and improving competitiveness in the global markets, say Shripad Ranade, Abhishek Bagwe and Donnel Peter. (This article is published in Machinist October 2016).