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Out of the bath thinking

Winning in the bathroom fittings and ceramic products market in India will require focusing beyond the traditional boundaries of the business say Pankaj Gupta and Amit Bhandari of Tata Strategic Management Group.  (This article was published in Construction Opportunities, February 2014 Magazine)

Divinity in the detail can deliver benefits

Micro-planning helps companies map growth opportunities at the micro-market level, says Pankaj Gupta, while  also enabllng them to gain incremental market share through well- tailored solutions. (This article was published in Tata Review, January 2014 Magazine)

Growth markets in rural India

By focusing on a third of the total districts in India that showed demand resilience, most durable product companies could have attained about 60 per cent of their rural growth ambitions over the past few years.  (This article was published in Business Standard - Strategist on February 4, 2013)

Innovate or Perish

Demand for consumer durables has grown much faster in developing markets like India and China as compared to developed markets in the last three four years. The consumer durables market in India 2009 was Rs.100,000 crore having grown at 25 per cent annum during 2005-09. Positive shifts in consumer demographics have driven this demands urge in India. While on one end these shifts have led to the growth of newer  categories (for example LCD TVs, laptops, split air-conditioners), they have also enabled consumers at the lower end of the income pyramid to become first-time users (like mobile phones).

A research by Tata Strategic indicates that with continued growth of the Indian economy in the coming years, share of spend on non-food items in the over all consumer spend pie is expected to increase. And durables, being one of the key non-food spend categories is expected to benefit from this trend. Tata Strategic estimates that per capita durables spend in India and the durables market is expected to continue to move on its high growth trajectory of 25 per cent per annum in the next five to seven years.  (This article is published in Strategist, Business Standard, January 10, 2011)

Successful Product Innovation

Superior customer insight and technology based product development are the key success factors for breakthrough product innovation. Companies can adopt a structured framework to identify pockets of opportunity and use outsourced product development to drive breakthrough innovation says Pankaj Gupta,  Practice Head - Consumer & Retail of Tata Strategic Management Group.  (This article was published in Tata Review, January 2011 Magazine)

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Preparing For The Economic Slowdown

With the slowdown of the global economy, companies are facing pressure on their operating margins. As a countermeasure, they need to proactively adopt profitability enhancement programs and simultaneously explore entry into high margin categories. Doing so could provide appropriate safeguards for difficult times ahead, say Pankaj Gupta (Practice Head – Consumer & Retail) and Indervir Singh of Tata Strategic Management Group. [An abridged version of this article titled “Efficiency is the key to survive a downturn” was published in The Financial Express (India Inc.) on 27th Nov, 2008]

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Deciphering India's Demographic Puzzle: A Consumer & Retail Perspective

The projected shift in age groups, emergence of large distinct income groups, increasing relevance of urban India and growing share of large cities within urban India are important triggers for companies in consumer facing industries to revisit their strategies, else risk being caught off guard, say Pankaj Gupta, Practice Head - Consumer & Retail and Rajiv Subramanian of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in Progressive Grocer magazine October 2007 edition)

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Urban Markets: A Discontinuity Led Growth Opportunity

The emergence of urban India as the major consuming segment for products and services should merit a strategy review by consumer facing companies, say Pankaj Gupta, Practice Head - Consumer & Retail  and Rajiv Subramanian of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was also published in November 21, 2007 Economic Times edition)

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