We appreciate Tata Strategic teams’ out of box thinking, which was backed by suggestions & detailed understanding of the market, customer feedback & in-depth analytical rigor. We were particularly impressed with their professional approach, level of involvement and degree of connect with the market. 
A large Indian Power Producer

Tata Strategic has effectively identified the addressable market for Bulk Material Handling business for our company and also helped it to develop the future growth strategy to address the identified opportunities.
A leading Indian material handling solutions provider

We wish to record our appreciation for the excellent work done by Tata Strategic in supporting us to develop a strategic positioning of our business. The management is pleased with the outcome of the study and is working in-house to build upon the suggested strategy.
A leading Indian private sector infrastructure company

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Tata Strategic team in structuring the project and bringing it to this stage and working closely with our team. It has been a good joint up work.
A major Indian multi-national beverages player

We wish to extend our appreciation for the excellent work done by Tata Strategic in supporting us in identifying business development & partnership opportunities and regulatory updates for air pollution control equipment business in India.
A leading specialist in air pollution control equipment

Our company benefited from Tata Strategic’ ability to provide an unbiased third party view-point thereby bringing objectivity to the cost reduction exercise. This enabled the team to carry along all stakeholders within the company and motivate them to realize how savings can be achieved.
A large Middle-East based processed food manufacturer

Tata Strategic did a fantastic analysis in linking economic parameters, power situation in various states in India to our product demand. We were particularly impressed with their spontaneous response, professional approach & level of involvement and commitment in completing the project.
A leading manufacturer of power equipment

Tata Strategic has an in-depth understanding of Indian specialty chemicals industry; they analyzed the expected industry trends, linked it with the economic situation and its possible impact on our company’s growth aspirations in this segment.
A large Indian chemicals manufacturer

Tata Strategic has successfully delivered the 'Organization Restructuring & Job Grade Recommendations’ project and we are satisfied with the level of service and demonstrated professionalism by the Tata Strategic team. We appreciate and recommend the capabilities of the Tata Strategic Team.
A major logistics solution provider