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Healthcare Consulting - Tata Strategic

Rising income levels, increasing awareness of health issues and improving insurance coverage has resulted in a surge in demand for healthcare. The growing needs of the Indian Healthcare system requires substantial investments across the value chain from primary care to tertiary care hospitals, single specialty hospitals, diagnostic centers and day care hospitals. 

Infrastructure development has resulted in asset creation that is skewed as demand mismatches supply in urban and rural areas. There are rural areas requiring vast improvements in healthcare delivery and innovations in business models. Increasing the utilization of existing assets and the deployment of technology is needed to improve return on investments

We work with organizations looking to enter the healthcare sector through market assessments, location strategy, greenfield/brownfield opportunities and entry strategy formulation. We also work with established players in the sector helping them implement key strategic initiatives for improving patients’ flow (IPD & OPD), bed turnover ratios, operating room optimization, planning and scheduling thereby achieving increased profitability and greater patient satisfaction.

Our wide network of well-known doctors, hospital administrators and hospital architect augment our strength in providing technical and operational insights. Our domain insights help in creating strategies that are practical to implement and quick to scale up. We work hand-in-hand with the top management of the healthcare organization to implement our methodologies and tools to convert ideas into reality.