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Automotive Consulting - Tata Strategic

The automotive sector today is quite well advanced in terms of processes, technology, and business models in place. The ecosystem comprises formidable global and regional automotive OEMS, as well as an entire gamut of component manufacturers. Growth in the automotive sector is mainly driven by rising per capita incomes, changing demographics, and high infrastructure / construction activity. Currently, the automotive industry is expected to grow largely in the emerging markets with China and India likely to be major contributors. The automotive sector in India is on a fast growth trajectory as India looks to cement its place as a small car manufacturing hub. It is a highly competitive sector with almost all global car manufacturers having set up manufacturing facilities in India. The rapid growth in vehicle demand and changing end user preferences have led to a dynamic automotive component industry.

Over the years, Tata Strategic has helped its clients in the automotive sector by way of:

  • Formulating strategies (e.g. identifying growth opportunities, competitive landscape analysis, investment strategy, location assessment)
  • Driving strategic initiatives (e.g. defining the operating model, organization design, partner selection & due diligence)
  • Dealership and Sales Effectiveness (e.g. improving sales conversion at dealerships, sales and channel management, dealership organization effectiveness)
  • Delivery excellence (e.g. cost optimization, project excellence, fulfillment excellence and throughput enhancement etc.)
  • Sourcing (e.g. sourcing strategies, supply chain transformation, procurement cost optimization, supply market analysis etc.)
  • Supporting the implementation (e.g. implementation planning, project execution, people selection, KPI measurement etc.) 

We have worked towards making our clients market leaders in their respective domains and in the process have accumulated a wealth of insights and experience in the automotive and automotive components businesses. Our client coverage spans across the value chain and sector landscape and includes companies like Jaguar-Land Rover, Tata Motors, Michelin, Kalyani Group, Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, Rolls-Royce. Our consultants bring to the table rich experiences of working in the automotive, engineering, and related sectors.