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Supply Chain Management Consulting - Tata Strategic

Supply chain management is a critical business function, and organizations around the world are increasingly recognizing its potential to be a key lever for competitive advantage. Improved supply chain performance can help organizations reduce cost, increase revenue and enhance shareholder value.

Our offerings

We, at Tata Strategic, understand the importance of supply chain management for your organization. We have developed a comprehensive range of service offerings with specific focus on supply chain –These are: supply chain strategy formulation & supply chain design and optimization – that can help organizations answer critical questions like:

  1. Which policies, processes, capabilities, partners, resources and their interfaces, cause gaps in performance?
  2. What are the internal/industry/cross-industry benchmarks in specific functional areas?
  3. How to manage multiple levers to optimize supply chain management?
  4. How to create & deliver products/ services for enhanced customer satisfaction?
With our comprehensive Supply Chain Transformation Framework, we provide insights to organizations on the health of their supply chains, identify improvement potential and design implementable solutions addressing both process and people requirements. We have a strong database of 200+ KPIs and logistics costs across 10+ industries to help benchmark performance. And most importantly, we support organizations in implementing the solutions to ensure that our recommendations do not remain only on paper but also translate into tangible, measurable benefits. In the past, we have achieved cost savings in the range of 6%-15% for our clients through supply chain transformation.

Past clients
Over the years, Tata Strategic has worked with leading domestic and multinational companies across industries, building significant capability in the supply chain domain. Our deep domain knowledge, rich industry experience and ability to provide tailor made solutions make us the trusted partner of our clients. Our client coverage is spread across the value chain in multiple industries and includes companies like:
  1. Jaguar Land Rover
  2. Sony India
  3. Lafarge
  4. DS Group
  5. Compuage
  6. Titan Fiat
  7. Rallis
  8. Tata Projects
  9. Tata Motors and many more ...