The Tata Strategic Experience

Working at Tata Strategic is as much about working smart as it is about working hard. We add value for our clients by imparting clarity and direction to issues involving a high degree of ambiguity and complexity, and are often beyond the bandwidth of our client organisations.

Tata Strategic works in teams. A typical case team consists of 2 to 5 consultants, working in tandem with client members. The work is typically divided into modules, with individuals taking up certain segments or entire modules. The teams meet on a regular basis to plan, brainstorm, review deliverables and tackle issues that affect progress of the study.

Tata Strategic lays emphasis on creating a stimulating and exciting environment in which high-calibre professionals can indeed ‘realise their dreams’. Our human resources processes enable employees to articulate their long-term goals, both professional and personal. A conscious effort is made to align project and non-project opportunities with individual’s skills, aptitude and objectives. This way, Tata Strategic provides talented professionals with unmatched opportunities to pursue their individual interests, be it sector- or function-specific.

We have a relatively informal working environment and a transparent work culture that lays great emphasis on knowledge accumulation, sharing of resources and teamwork. The open seating plan in the office encourages this.

While client studies comprise a major portion of work at Tata Strategic in initial years, there are unlimited opportunities to contribute towards organisation building through training and development activities, articles, concept packs, new products and business development. Check out the ‘Roles’ section to find out more about roles at Tata Strategic.

Despite the work pressures, it’s not “all work and no play” at Tata Strategic. Regular parties, get-togethers, practice outings and Saturday morning football and cricket matches form a significant part of the Tata Strategic experience. Every once a year, The Tata Strategic family takes a break for a mega picnic. All these contribute to fostering camaraderie and fellowship and a spirit of oneness that is unique to our people.