Ask our clients and employees, “what is the best thing about Tata Strategic?” The overwhelming response would be: “The people.”

Tata Strategic exists because of its people. The high quality and impact that Tata Strategic has with its clients is because of the caliber of its consultants. We attract and retain some of the best management talent available in India and abroad. We believe growth for the firm can only come through the development of our employees. Hence, we ensure that special focus is given towards personal and professional growth of all our consultants, be it through structured training programs or through on-the-job training by rotation across projects and practices. This way, we build a solid platform of learning and development, which in due course, manifests itself in better client relationships, and ultimately in lifelong partnerships.

While it is our people’s job to make decisive improvements in the direction and performance of our clients, Tata Strategic also has its own vision and aspirations for the future. In pursuit of our endeavor to maintain high standards of thought leadership, comparable to the best consulting firms in the world, we regularly recruit from the top-ranked business schools in India and routinely scan for international talent. Our lateral entrants from the industry and other consulting firms enrich our knowledge base through their understanding of the industry, and insights into the consulting domain.

Though our consultants are chosen from diverse academic, ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds, some traits run common through all of them: They possess a strong history of academic excellence, willingness to learn, high ethical and moral standards, outstanding analytical abilities, capacity to think innovatively, superior interpersonal skills and the ability to work in teams. We believe that leadership is not about showing how good you are, but showing others how good they can be. Be they fellow subordinates or client team members, people development, is an integral part of the Tata Strategic work culture.