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Infrastructure Agenda

The Indian infrastructure sector has been hit by the economic slowdown as well as structural issues and regulatory obstacles. The new government at the centre has created optimism regarding revival and future growth of the infrastructure sector. However the government will need to work on several imperatives before challenges are resolved and the sector revives, says Shripad Ranade, Senior Principal, Tata Strategic Management Group.  (This article is published in Project Today, October 2014)

Past, Present and Future

The infrastructure sector in India has evolved from purely Government funded projects to newer business models involving partial or complete ownership of the private sector. Currently, the infrastructure sector is in a state of flux, with the sector being hit by the slowdown in the economy and the strain being faced by various infrastructure developers. Going ahead, the sector is poised to bounce back with new opportunities. The renewed sense of optimism by the industry leaders augurs well for the future growth of the infrastructure sector. But the growth of the infrastructure sector is dependent on solving some key challenges related to reducing regulatory uncertainty, developing appropriate financing mechanisms and ensuring efficient project management (from bid to execution) feels Susnato Sen, Practice Head – Infrastructure & EPC, and Anirudh Reddy, Project Leader, Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article is published in Project Vendor, June 2014)

Small is good … for now

India’s Tier II and III cities are expected to lead the growth of domestic air travel, and the proposed low-cost model based on phased investments and integrated land development would make these airports an attractive business opportunity. However, several critical issues need to be addressed to ensure successful implementation of the airport projects and also to achieve desired scalability and sustainability, say Abhishek Bagwe and Susnato Sen.  (This article is published in Infrastructure Today - Annual 2013)

Bumpy Road-Ahead

Government intends to mobilize infrastructure investments to the tune of $ 1 Trillion for the 12th Plan, with the private sector expected to play a major role in realizing these targets. While the infrastructure opportunities for various stakeholders seem large, most of the developers are wary of making large investments in this space, given the long clearance delays, return uncertainty and negative mood plaguing the infrastructure sector. (This article is published in Project Monitor December 2012)

Long-term prospects for ports remain high

Government needs to make renewed efforts in increasing pace of private sector investment in the ports sector, feel Susnato Sen, Practice Head, Infrastructure Practice, and Anirudh Reddy, Consultant, Infrastructure Practice, Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article is published in Project Monitor September 2012)

Challenges in Road Sector Development in India

Development of Roads and Highways infrastructure in India and improvement in road connectivity is critical to India’s economic growth and prosperity. This sector has witnessed a lot of interest in the past decade with focused Government interventions and an increased interest of the private sector, particularly in the PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) route. While the road sector has witnessed significant development in the last decade, the speed of implementation has been hampered by execution delays and issues in economic viability. The challenges hindering the growth and execution of road projects in India need to be tackled to ensure that the momentum of growth in this sector is sustained.  (This article is published in Project Monitor May-June 2012)

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Boom and Bust in Infrastructure

It is widely expected that investment will become the key driver of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth in future years. Investment as a component of GDP is likely to increase from around 34% in fiscal 2010 to around 38% by fiscal 2015. During the 12th Plan (2012-17), infrastructure is expected to absorb about $1 trillion of investment. This will be used for roads, seaports, airports, power, telecom, railways, water, and irrigation infrastructure, says Raju Bhinge, Chief Executive Officer.  (This article is published in Livemint Newspaper, December 6, 2010).

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Rational Water Management

Water is generally considered a resource that is abundantly available and unlimited in supply given the fact that three-fourth of the Earth is covered with water. Historically, water has been treated as a ‘free good’. But the current scenario of water resources presents a very different picture. ~97.5 per cent of the world’s water resource is saline and only 2.5 per cent is fresh water. A large part of these freshwater resources exist in form of ice caps and glaciers. So for all practical purposes, only 0.75 per cent of the global fresh water resources are available for consumption.(This article was published in Gujarat Infrastructure, April-June 2010 magazine)

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Water is everyone’s business

Susnato Sen, practice head, infrastructure, Tata Strategic Management Group, discusses the ways that people, especially in countries such as India, can work to prevent the anticipated drinking water crisis.  (This article was published in Tata Review, September 2010 Magazine).

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SEZs - Is it Still a Growth Story?

Though Indian SEZs have started the journey with much fanfare, there is very little visible in terms of successful SEZs. Only those SEZs that have their planning & development closely aligned to the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in a competitive environment will enjoy the first mover advantage, say Susnato Sen, Saurabh Kumar and Shreyan Maralur of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in the Infrastructure Today, May 2009)

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H2O-The Next Mega Opportunity

By 2020 the annual revenue potential of the market for water supply in India is estimated at Rs. 510 billion. This represents a mega business opportunity, say Susnato Sen, Saurabh Kumar and Saurabh Jain of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in the Infrastructure Today, February 2009)

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Infrastructure Sharing : Time for new business models

The Indian Mobile Subscriber base is expected to reach nearly600 Million by March 2012. This projected growth has led to the entry of more than 10 passive infrastructure sharing companies with tenancy based business models. However, emergence of new technologies and sharing of active infrastructure elements by telecom operators can impact the tenancies. Infrastructure players may need to redefine the tenancy based models to ensure revenue meets expectations, say K. Raman and Gaurav Girotra of Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in Voice & Data magazine December 2008 edition)

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Corridor of Profit

India is riding high on investment flows, be it in industry or infrastructure. But clearly much of those investments would be concentrated around Delhi, Mumbai and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor says Susnato Sen, Practice Head - Infrastructure, Tata Strategic Management Group. (This article was published in Infrastructure magazine May 2008 issue)

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The Urbanisation of India : Business Implications

Over the next decade India will experience urbanization levels of close to 50 per cent across several states, leading the way for unique opportunities in all sectors of business, say Raju Bhinge, Chief Executive and Susnato Sen, Practice Head – Infrastructure of Tata Strategic Management Group

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Indian SEZs- A Disruptive force in Strategy Formulation

All firms, across sectors, need to assess impact of SEZs on its strategic options says Arindam Chakrabarti of Tata Strategic

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