Optimizing structure and manpower in line with turnaround strategy
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The client, a leading provider of Electronic Products and Solutions in Defence, Homeland Security and Realty space, carried out a “portfolio restructuring” exercise to achieve profitable growth and to ensure consistent return to shareholders. The client identified LoBs both for consolidation and growth and for defocus. Business plan in line with the new portfolio was defined. Next step for the organization was to equip itself to deliver on the new strategy. With this aim, the organization engaged Tata Strategic to define appropriate organization structure and roles, optimize head count and assess various existing employees for roles in the revised structure.

The engagement started with defining an organization structure in line with the new business strategy. Tata Strategic recommended different structure options, selecting the most optimum structure in discussion with top management. This was followed by detailing roles and responsibilities across functions and levels. For the purpose of capability assessment, competencies and job criterion for roles in the revised structure was defined. The objective was to optimize the manpower by identifying the best talent from within the organization for new roles created. An in-depth capability assessment was done by Tata Strategic’s expert panel for senior level roles. For the next level roles, a data based assessment for close to hundred employees was carried out. The final recommendations were discussed with top management to define implementation roadmap.